AerMet® 100 is an ultra-high strength type of martenistic (a very hard form of steel crystalline structure) steel alloy. Is was developed in response to a need for a stronger and tougher material with superior fracture toughness and ductility. The alloy possesses a minimum tensile strength of 280 ksi (1930 MPa) and a minimum fracture toughness of 100 Ksi√ in. AerMet is weldable requiring no preheating. Since it is not a corrosion resistant alloy, it must be sealed if used in a moist environment. The exceptional properties of hardness, FTT, tensile strength and ductility make this alloy a candidate for application such as landing gear, armor, fasteners, actuators, ordnance, jet engine shafts, drive shafts and structural tubing. AerMet 100 may be considered for use up to about 800° F (427° C).